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Are you a Christian woman longing for a clutter-free home?

If so... the Declutter & Honor God eBook was written for you!

In this eBook, you do not just get step-by-step instructions on how to declutter your home, but you also learn a decluttering process that involves God and honors Him.

The Declutter & Honor God eBook has a total of 90 pages and contains the following:

  • The five common roadblocks that stop you from decluttering, what the Bible says about them, and strategies to face them so that you can overcome them and succeed with decluttering
  • Decluttering advice to 45 individual items in your home
  • A step-by-step decluttering guide for five rooms in your home - bathroom, bedroom, kitchen, dining room & living room
  • 10 proven strategies to maintain your home and keep it free from clutter

Start decluttering your home today. And honor God when you declutter!

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