Mini Declutter Workbook

Simple Life of a Lady

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Need something to motivate you to declutter? If you're just starting out, and not even sure how or where to start, this mini workbook is for you! 

This mini workbook will help you:

  • Be clear with your reasons why you want to declutter
  • Plan your decluttering journey using a declutter calendar
  • Start with the easiest stuff to declutter
  • Have direction on which stuff and what area to focus on in a room

With something like this in your hand, decluttering shouldn't be so hard to start!

Pages included:

  • Why am I decluttering worksheet (1 page)
  • Blank declutter calendar (1 page)
  • 50 easy things to declutter (1 page)
  • 101 things to declutter from bedroom (2 pages)
  • Declutter checklist for bathroom (1 page)
  • Declutter checklist for master's bedroom (1 page)
  • Declutter checklist for pantry, kitchen and dining room (1 page)
  • Declutter checklist for living room and linen closet (1page)
  • Declutter checklist for laundry room (1 page)
  • Title (1 page)

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